Back to school fun with Quiveutpister

As summer draws to a close, the joy continues as we kick off the new school year in 2021. What better way to have fun this weekend than with a great outdoor activity, whether with family or friends ? Join us for some exciting Quiveutpister games !

The perfect time to explore, play, investigate

The relatives are back, the weather is mild… and fun. No question of locking yourself away during this month of September, you need the perfect activity, suitable for everyone. So put together your team and get ready to storm the streets of Paris, a challenge awaits you! All you have to do is choose it here.

Like an outdoor escape game, a Quiveutpister game takes you on a captivating investigation to discover the historic and unusual corners of the capital. Enigmas, codes, suspects, accessories and unknown alleys, the treasure hunt has everything to please young and old.

Having fun together

This new school year will be marked by games and conviviality. The holidays are over but not the good times! And these last few days have been sufficiently demanding to continue to enjoy them, in complete safety of course.

During this time of reunions and new encounters, it’s perfect for group activities and socializing. Whether with colleagues, friends, or family, a treasure hunt provides a great opportunity to gather trusted individuals and put teamwork to the test. Observation, orientation, and critical thinking — everyone will have a role to play.

Will you find the clues? Will you be able to solve the mystery? And most of all… will you be better than the others? There’s only one way to find out!


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