Game for events

cohesion and conviviality

Whether through discovery, intrigue, or play, our creations are adapted to all tastes and naturally brings conviviality to your event.

For a seminar, a large-scale evening, new premises to discover, or even a private event, consider a playful experience that combines team spirit, information sharing, discovery… and of course, gaming! Our creative team adapts to all constraints in a reactive and agile manner.

Rally, escape game, life-sized Cluedo, or scavenger hunt, our creation team is here to create YOUR experience! So, what memorable event do you want to create?

promotional tool

Our game is, above all, immersing oneself in intrigue, in ambiance… Regardless of your audience, the game is ideal for capturing attention and naturally highlighting information.

We offer a wide range of tools to showcase your values, your message, your product. Everything is customizable, from elements of the storyline like characters, to the theme of the investigation, to the places to discover or the objects to use.

Do you want to showcase your own universe? Follow in the footsteps of Ubisoft, who chose to create with us a Quiveutpister Assassin’s Creed dedicated to their video game.

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Our Games: