For Halloween, investigate the streets of Montmartre… by night!

New: the night-time scavenger hunt

On 29, 30 and 31 October, for Halloween, come and take part in a treasure hunt like you’ve never done before. At 7pm, the shadow of night covers Montmartre, your guide is waiting for you near the Passe-Muraille. It’s time to investigate in the streets of the district. By the light of a torch, look for clues that will enable you to unveil the plot of Mystery in Montmartre.

More than ever, you will need to be observant and thoughtful. Can you rise to the challenge? Watch out for the pretenders, and also for the other teams! They will do everything to win and receive the treats as a reward!

Is there a ghost lurking in the heart of Montmartre?

A few days ago, the police found Jasmine in a panic: her flat is haunted! Strange things are happening around her, she may be in danger. So she needs help, your help…

At night, the alleys of Montmartre change appearance. It is in a mythical Paris where anything can happen, that you will have to investigate and solve the mystery of the ghost of Montmartre. You will have to keep a cool head to solve the enigmas that await you!

This nocturnal treasure hunt only takes place once a year. So don’t miss the opportunity!

We look forward to seeing you on 29, 30 and 31 October at 7pm. To reserve your seats, select the day and session you are interested in via our ticketing service: .

See you soon to track Paris by night!


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