A summer under the magnifying glass !

Looking for a unique activity in Paris this summer ? Our outdoor investigation games are perfect for enjoying the nice weather with family or friends. This summer, turn your walks into real adventures ! Dive into our investigation games in Paris and see the city in a new way ! With family or friends, become detectives and solve exciting mysteries while exploring the local architecture.

Our investigation games offer an immersive experience where everyone plays a crucial role. Armed with your investigation notebook and detective tools, you’ll search for hidden clues throughout the streets and iconic landmarks of Paris. Each puzzle you solve brings you closer to uncovering the final solution, revealing the secret story waiting to be discovered.

This activity fosters bonding and sharpens your thinking skills while providing fun and learning opportunities. Under the summer sun, participants decipher codes, track suspects, and piece together thrilling scenarios, offering a fresh perspective on the city. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, these games blend fun, culture, and the discovery of hidden treasures.

Whether you love mysteries or are just curious, our investigation games promise a unique and unforgettable adventure. Book your outdoor investigation now and get ready to make the city your new playground ! This summer will be full of surprises !


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