Eiffel Confidential

Édouard Cadet is a private detective. Yesterday, the secret service asked to meet him. His girlfriend Megan is in danger, hiding from a dangerous criminal. Édouard wants to save Megan and needs help—your help. But is Megan really in danger?

A detective and the secret service

Yesterday, the secret service asked to meet him in the Trocadero Gardens

At the designated meeting point, a man awaited him. He introduced himself, saying, “Mr. Cadet, I’m Agent Eiffel, and I’ve got some bad news for you. Your girlfriend, Megan Li-Cooper, needs help.”

Megan, a secret agent

He proceeds to tell him that Megan has actually been a secret agent for many years. Édouard Cadet can’t believe it. It must be a joke! He hurries to call Megan. Once, twice… ten times. No response…

Megan needs help

Agent Eiffel then says: “No need to try. She’s not responding to any communication. She has to hide from Gilermo Capone, a dangerous criminal. To free her, she needs help – your help”


Help Édouard! Investigate around the Eiffel Tower, and through emblematic places. Scan the contemporary buildings of Palais de Tokyo, find clues in the amazing garden of Musée du Quai Branly, take a closer look to the famous place du Trocadéro and enjoy the wonderful views of the Eiffel Tower!

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