Marais Appearance

A few days ago, in the wonderful Marais neighborhood, a policeman discovered a panicked old lady trying to hide. He approached her. She begged for his help. He asked her how she got there. She took his hand and whisked him into her memories… Will you be able to shed light on her story?

The memories of Ma Mishon

A panicked old woman is found on the Place des Vosges. She tries to hide behind the statue in the centre of the square.
The policeman wrote down all the elements provided by the old lady, who he has nicknamed Ma Mishon. He now needs help to discover what happened to her… your help!


Trace her history with the help of her memories. In the alleys of the Marais, around the Archives and through the known and unknown gardens of the district. Will you be able to shed light on the story of Ma Mishon?

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